I’m Sorry!

Hi there Lovelies,

I’ve been absent for quite a while now, I apologise for that, but life caught up with me.

Since the last time I wrote a blog post a lot has happened in my life. I travelled to New Zealand, which by the way was incredible but that’s for another blog post, in April. I went on a cruise from hell in June where there was lots of water, and I don’t mean in the ocean. I lost my beautiful cat, Felix and I also turned twenty-one.

Aside from life in general I have also been battling with other personal issues, that have been weighing me down. I am slowing working my way through these demons. I haven’t written anything in such a long time, I’m a little rusty so I hope you can excuse me.

But this is me saying to you that I am going to try, emphasis on the word try, to write more blog posts again. I think a part of me lost courage in myself that what I was writing on this blog was worth it. For a moment I did not think there was any point, because who was reading? Well I’m not sure. But my best friend recently told me that she had read this blog and asked me why I haven’t been writing as of late. I was shocked that someone actually read it, let alone my best friend whose opinion I value a lot. So here I am writing this blog post as a way to hold myself accountable that I am back to writing again.

So if you are reading this let me know (please) so I can keep writing, us writers thrive off feedback and encouragement sadly (haha).

Love, Staycee xx

I forgot how I signed off posts, that’s how long it’s been 🙂



Happy Mail

Hi there Lovelies,

Does anyone else get excited when they know they have a parcel coming in the mail? Because I sure do!

I have always loved getting mail, even when I was a child and someone would send me something on my birthday. I still remember how happy I use to get during my birthday month when I would run down to the letterbox when I heard the Postman come. I would see an envelope addressed to me and jump up in excitement itching to know who it was from.

As I got older these cards in the mail on my birthday became less and less. The only mail I started to get was a monthly bank statement (which then became less when my bank switched to online statements) or mail from loyalty cards I hold. As I got older the novelty of receiving letters was rare and I think it became even more exciting when something did appear addressed to me.

As a 20 year old, I do not get regular mail, I do not have many bills even if I did these would most likely be processed online rather than receiving it in the mail today. But what I do receive more often is parcels. These are things I have ordered online for myself, things like items off eBay, Etsy and so on.

In fact I received a parcel in the mail today, a replacement activity tracker, which arrived less than 24 hours after shipping, surprising me greatly as I had expected it to take at least over a week. That’s why I addressed the parcel to be delivered to my Grandfather’s home because I had not expected to be in the country when it arrived. So when my Aunt called me this morning telling me that it had arrived I was shocked. Especially with the change in today’s mailing times I expected to have to wait longer.

But again I felt like that same child I once was who use to run to the letterbox when she knew that she had mail addressed to her, waiting to be opened.

Love, Staycee xx



How I pack for holidays

Hi there Lovelies,

Packing for any kind of trip is always difficult. I’m currently sitting at my desk with my planner open to a blank page and pen in hand trying to figure out what I need to pack for my holiday in two weeks. And I cannot for the life of me decide on what I should or shouldn’t take with me. Do I take my comfiest jumper or the most fashionable one? How many shoes do I really need? And should I really take 5 extra shirts, just in case all of my 10 others end up with a stain? Well, you might be thinking well Staycee these are rational thoughts, yes they are but you might think different when you find out where and for how long I will be travelling.

So, where are you headed to?
In just under two weeks now, I will be travelling on a cruise to New Zealand for 13 nights. I will be visiting eight locations all around the beautiful country of New Zealand. So as you might imagine what I need to pack will need to be carefully thought about. But does it really need this much deliberation on my behalf. For one I do not envy those who have to pack for a month or many month long trips, where planes are involved, because I certainly I think I am overreacting and have it a little bit easier. I mean my travelling will consist of; being picked up via a driver who will take me to the cruise terminal and from there I will board the ship which will be where I will sleep, eat and be entertained for the duration of my holiday. This is why I should not be panicking over packing so much. But naturally as a known stress head I will stress.

So, how do you combat this stress?
Well, there are a few things that I like to do. The first is to write a list of all the things that I think that I will need to take with me. Then that list will be broken down into categories such as; clothes, accessories, extras, toiletries etc. I will then put that list aside for now and make a secondary list that will include all the items of my wardrobe that could possibly be an option to bring along. Once that list is complete I will then decide from that master list what will be viable to pack. And finally I will write the final list that will include everything that I want to take with me. But that is not the end of the list making, that list will be checked over numerous times to ensure that I haven’t God forbid forgotten an essential item. Once that is complete the final, final list will be duplicated in various notebooks and on pieces of papers, you know just in case. I lose one, and then when the day before comes thats when each item on this massive list will be checked off to make sure that I have actually packed.

Now, what happens when after all the planning you cannot actually possibly take all of those items because, well, there’s just no room in your luggage?
Well, my friend that’s when Staycee goes mad and throws her carefully planned list aside and throws what ever she can fit into her bag, forgetting all the essentials (this actually happened once) and crying on the floor when she has nothing to wear for cocktail night in the Connections Lounge. But that’s a story for another time.

Love, Staycee xx


Hi there Lovelies,

As you might know I love reading books, I have read many books in the past, most when I was younger but recently I have been reading more, as I have more free time to. For the last three years I have had a Goodreads account. I discovered it when I was on a website called Wattpad where I would occasionally read works written by unpublished authors, a member had spoken in a discussion forum on the site about a website called Goodreads where you were able to log all the books you read and rate them. This was something that I had to check out from the sound of that comment.

So I Googled ‘Goodreads’ and the search engine took me the website and I was in awe of how the site was run and set out. Which then lead me to signing up and for hours I sat in front of my computer finding all the books I wanted to read and have already read and logging them into my personal profile. I had always been the type of person who wrote down the name of books I heard about or saw in a bookstore that I wanted to read in the notes app on my phone. Or I would often take a photo of the book cover while I was shopping so I could remember it for later. This ‘system’ I used failed me more times than I could count so finding this website was like striking gold.

Every year Goodreads encourages their members to participate in a reading challenge. This is user set, so it is up to the member to decide if they want to participate. Basically the user is able to set how many books they would like to read throughout that year. I have participated in two challenges and this year will be my third. Last year (2015) was the only year that I completed my goal, I set out to read 20 books throughout the year and I managed to read a total of 25 books. I worked hard to finish that goal and I am proud of myself. This year I am aiming to read 52 books (one book a week). In order to reach this goal I am setting myself a monthly goal of reading five books per month in 2016. Currently (as of 12 March 2016) I have read 14 of 52 books as a part of my challenge, if I manage to keep that up I will be able to achieve my goal. You can find my Goodreads profile to the side of this blog and you can also see what I am currently reading at the moment.

If you enjoy reading then I highly recommend using Goodreads to keep track of all those wonderful words that you’ve read. Reading has always been a major part of who I am and it is also what inspired me to become a better writer. One day I hope that a book that I have published becomes a part of someone else’s Goodreads challenge.

Love, Staycee xx

Welcome to my blog!

Hi there Lovelies,

I have thought about starting a blog for a while now (a year and a half to be exact) but I’ve never found time to actually sit down and start one from scratch. Well that is going to change. Over the last three years I have studied constantly and pushed aside most of my creativity that I love so much, this is also changing.

I consider myself a writer, this is a title that I have struggled with labelling myself with for many years now. This is because I have feared what that label will associated me as. I have been writing for what feels like my whole life, as a child I was always told I was very imaginative. I use to create various characters and stories, these stories I would then tell to my family members and they would lap up every word I said. But as I grew older these stories became ones that I only told myself in my mind. When I was 16 years old I ventured out began to write my first novel, this novel took me two years to complete and still till this day I haven’t been able to bring myself to re read and edit it from beginning to end, there is only one other person who has read the entirety of it other than myself and that is a person I no longer talk to anymore. That novel has so many memories attached to it that I cannot even fathom the thought of doing anything to allow it to be seen by others. So for now it will stay as a file on my computer called “FTNOML final ver“. Maybe one day that someone will see this post in years to come and realise that they were the only person to ever read it but for now I highly doubt that will ever happen.

This blog is somewhere I want to be able to explore my favourite things and all the thoughts that run through my head. I want this to be a place where I can show my creativity and an outlet for myself to be my true self, without the fear of the unknown.

I love planning and organising, I love planners and all types of stationary. Take me shopping and you’ll find me heading straight for the stationary section. Ask me what I want for my birthday and I will say pens or a journal. My online shopping baskets are always filled with cute paper, stickers or washi tapes. Even my Youtube history is filled with “plan with me” videos and especially Bullet Journal videos. Most blogs that I read are about planners. So you could say that I am a planner girl. This is a title that I happily take on. If you ask my friends what my favourite thing to talk about they would probably say planners.

When I finished my diploma at the end of December 2015, the first thing I thought was “oh no now what am I going to plan?” I was saddened by the fact that I wouldn’t be able to organise my assessments and study plans. One of my friends,  who had recently been accepted into university, said to me when I expressed these thoughts “you can plan my life if you want.” How wonderful would that be to have a job like that, an actual job where I could plan and organise everything for someone. Now you might say but Staycee that is already a job, haven’t you heard of administration or personal assistants. Well I would say, yes I have and I have had that job in the past, but it had a disastrous ending. For now I am staying away from administration, that is something i need at least a couple of years to recover from.

I currently have two planners, a Kikki K planner and a bullet journal. My current Kikki K planner (I have two now) is a beautiful peach colour that I bought at the beginning of January 2016 which I managed to work the sales and got it for 50% off. I also have a bullet journal that I use more regularly at the moment. My bullet journal is something that I will talk more about in future blog posts.

I love reading books, for as long as I can remember it has been my favourite past time. When I was a child I wasn’t allowed to buy many books, as we didn’t have much room to store them, so I would often visit the library to borrow books. I signed up for my first library card when I was five years old. My mum would take me to the library at least once a week I would spend hours searching for different books I wanted to take home to read and then I would fill up a bag and take them to the counter to be checked out. I would be so eager to start reading all the books when I got home I would set them out on my bed and carefully decide the order in which I would read them. As I got older every Saturday I walk from my grandparent’s house to the local library and spend a few hours choosing books and even reading a few in the lounge area of the library. Now as an adult I have a small collection of books that I have bought but I now do most of my reading in the form of ebooks. They are more convenient and easier on my eyes and don’t take up as much room. Don’t get me wrong I still love a hardcopy of a book and I do often choose to buy books, but more often then not I prefer ebooks. I save the space on my shelves for books that have a place in my heart also.

For now this is where I leave you. I will be posting more about the topics I discussed in the future. I hope you can join me through my journey of self discovery and creativity, as well as an insight into my mind.

Love, Staycee xx